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Octomore Edition 07.1 Limited Edition Whisky 70cl
Octomore Edition 07.1 Limited Edition Whisky 70cl
Octomore Edition 07.1 Limited Edition Whisky 70cl
Octomore Edition 07.1 Limited Edition Whisky 70cl
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EDITION: 07.1 / 208 PPM / AGED 5 YEARS

For Octomore 07.1 barley harvested from mainland Scotland was peated to 208ppm. Five years in American oak. Bottled at 59.5%. Octomore stands alone.


In 1881, Barnett Harvey developed the distillery Bruichladdich. It has been mothballed several times over its lifespan, most recently in 1998. In 2012, Rethe Cointreau purchased the Islay distillery (France).

Since then, Bruichladdich is once again growing healthily. Three different kinds of single malt are produced by the distillery: unpeated Bruichladdich, heavily peated Port Charlotte, and extremely heavily peated Octomore. The Classic Laddie, Islay Barley 2010, and Black Art 5 are among the Bruichladdich main products. Approximately one million liters of products are produced annually.

In 2015, the Octomore 07.1 became available. You might anticipate an unmanageable Peat Monster at 208 PPM. However, that is not the case. It's undoubtedly a Peat-Bomb, but someway it manages to stay in balance. In general, you should avoid Octomore if you don't enjoy peated whisky, but for those who like it, the 07.1 will be a welcome surprise. the only complaints are with its youth and price.

If allowed to age for, say, 15 years, this whiskey could be truly fantastic. It's a lovely, well-balanced young peated Islay malt as is. However, we wouldn't spend $150 USD on a bottle. Simply said, the price is too high for a young whisky. But the tasting session was fun!

Very peaty on the nose, but—and we say this every time—not as shockingly peaty as you might anticipate from the sheer statistics. There are a lot of ashes, but they gradually give way to some fruity sweetness (smoked peach, sweet apple), as well as a hint of milk chocolate. Moreover, liquorice and lemons. Peppery and creathe all at once.

This is where you get hit with a hammer in the mouth. Really peaty. White pepper, chilly ashes, a lot of burnt grass, and a sharp, fiery flavor are present. Salty hints are made at the end. Young, savage, and ending with a berry sweetness.

The finish is quite long and smokey, and it has flavors of burnt leaves, bittersweet herbal cough syrup, salty lemon, and burnt salt.

Undoubtedly a powerhouse and remains a standard for liquid ashtrays in bottles. Fantastic if you're looking for this kind of severe kick or if you just want to shock your pals. It's a raw, fresh, "effective" malt that keeps its promises. About 160 euros.

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