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About Us

We are the whisky specialist website in the Philippines. There is no other store or site that exudes the selection, descriptions, access or service that we offer as we serve thousands of satisfied customers each year.

  • Our Selection. We have the largest local selection of whisky locally available. Our inventory contains over 724 different whiskies and we are constantly growing.
  • Our Prices. It is through our history and direct brand relationships that we are able to bring more competitive pricing directly to you in comparison to any local retailer.
  • Our Accessibility. You never have to leave your seat. We can deliver to your doorstep, office, condo lobby, or anywhere else within the Philippines.
  • Our Service. We aim to provide you with the best experience from start to finish. It's our goal to always be communicating with you and making sure your experience is more than you expect.
Whisky has become one of the most popular drinks today throughout the world because of its diversity. It's for everyone. It doesn't matter who you are, where you are drinking it, how much money you have, or what you are drinking. Since the turn of the century, the whisky industry has survived economical crises, grown as others have failed and strengthened through the social growth of such a once seen as elitist beverage.

The more you experience the world through whisky at, the more experiences we can bring to you.

SingleMalt.Ph is a company started by a couple of friends who have a passion for whisky. We have been working together on different projects and have always asked ourselves how we can bring more exposure to one of the best drinks in the World. Whisky is something new and exciting here in the Philippines, but it's actually been around for over 500 years.

For a long time people didn't drink it. People here didn't even know much about it. The only real exposure that most people have had to whisky is drinking a bottle of Johnnie Walker Black served with a few cubes of ice in a glass. This may sound normal to you and may seem a bit odd, that this is something to point out, but this isn't how whisky was intended to be enjoyed.

The History of Whisky

Whisky originated in Scotland. The art of distilling is actually accredited to Christian missionary monks who would use barley to distill the spirits. The first mention in history was in 1494 in a one of the Scottish Exchequer Rolls. The first mention of a distillery was in the Acts of the Scottish Parliament in 1690 and it was noting the famous Ferintosh distillery owned by Duncan Forbes of Culloden.

For a long time, whisky was heavily taxed for not only people worldwide to drink, but also people in Scotland. In recent years through the marketing of well known brands like Johnnie Walker and Jack Daniels, the world has gained exposure to the art of whisky. This though is just the beginning.

Now is the time for the Philippines to see more, taste more, feel more and experience more whisky than ever before.

Watch below a six part series here and understand the beauty of the history of whisky.