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Martell VS Single Distillery Fine Cognac 70cl
Martell VS Single Distillery Fine Cognac 70cl
Martell VS Single Distillery Fine Cognac 70cl
Martell VS Single Distillery Fine Cognac 70cl

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Spirit Type: Cognac

Country: France

ABV: 40%

Bottle Size: 700ml


The Martell VS Single Distillery is a vibrant, fresh Cognac that is a lively choice to appreciate. Two years was all that was needed for a blend of Eaux-de-vies to develop the well-known tastes of fruit and spice. The Cognac area of France delivers a fuller and more vivid interpretation of the Martell distillation process style when mixing spirits from a single distillation source. It draws the taster's attention right away with a soft honey tint and transports them on a memorable journey.

Jean Martell, one of the oldest Cognac houses, was established more than 300 years ago. The company was founded with the goal of making Cognacs of the highest calibre, and this mentality is still present today. This Single Distillery VS is a fantastic illustration of this house's genius since it has the necessary knowledge to understand exactly what it takes to make great Cognacs. Undoubtedly a variety that will appeal to every Cognac enthusiast.

This bottle is an excellent example of how heritage and modern style can coexist in harmony. Silver, blue, and gold create royal undertones and pay homage to the house's extensive historical background. The modern minimalism of the clean design then draws the home into the present. A classic wooden top adds a straightforward appeal to complete this uncomplicated display quickly. One to put on display in the party's center.

This 92 Proof brandy appears clear with deep golden amber and coppery glow. It has a lively flavor and is a crisp, harmonious cognac. Citrus, fresh pear, saffron, labdanum, and rockrose leaves are some of the rich fruit and spice elements in the flavor. Incense and woody flavors from the fine-grained oak cask are present in the finish. It is the perfect foundation for making cocktails.

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