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Hine VSOP Rare Cognac 70cl
Hine VSOP Rare Cognac 70cl
Hine VSOP Rare Cognac 70cl
Hine VSOP Rare Cognac 70cl

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Spirit Type: Cognac

Country: France

ABV: 40%

Bottle Size: 70cl


The history of Hine Cognac began in the 18th Century, once a young man named Thomas Hine from Dorset came to Jarnac to commence administerial work for a Cognac producer. Later on, fell in love with the daughter of the proprietor Françoise-Elisabeth and ultimately married her. Therefore he inherited the inheritance of the family. 

Now the son-in-law of the proprietor, Thomas was capable of playing the role of a senior and used his financial expertise to make significant changes, boosting production, and introducing trade beyond France. 

In 1817, he officially changed the company's title to Thomas Hine & Co.These days, the house of Hine emphases only on the Fine Champagne growing zones, managing the 115 hectares of the area by the village of Bonneuil. 

A massive VSOP from Hine, Rare is classified as Fine Champagne, stating that the Eaux-de-vie are tried all from the Grande or Petite Champagne regions.

Around twenty-five diverse eaux-de-vie have been utilized for the Hine Rare VSOP mixes, produced from Ugni Blanc grapes by the Grande Champagne (60%) as well as Petite Champagne (40%) appellations along with a mature six to twelve years with the help of French Limousin oak barrels. 

The color of the Hine Cognac is Deep amber. The aroma of Hine Cognac is like ripe apricots; roasted nectarines and succulent melon stimulate the lingering initial sip, while oak, orange resin, and vanilla essence offer a mature feel. 

The taste of Hine Cognac is very stunning as it has amazing expressing elements of several fruity flavors. The characteristic of the white wines created from Charente vines, chocolate, Ginger, oak, and oranges.

It slowly fades into a finish of dried fruits. The Hine Rare VSOP has been awarded many awards like gold medals in 2003 as well as 2007 and given 93 out of a possible 100 points by Wine Enthusiast Magazine and many more.

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