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Glen Grant 10 Year Old 1L
Glen Grant 10 Year Old 1L
Glen Grant 10 Year Old 1L
Glen Grant 10 Year Old 1L

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Spirit Type: Scotch Whisky

Country: Scotland

ABV: 40%

Bottle size: 1L


In 1840, Glen Grant was established. A significant person in the history of the distillery and the man after whom GlenGrant's NAS Major's Reserve is called, James "The Major" Grant, born in 1847, inherited the distilleries in 1872.

James Grant was the kind of person about whom people like to conjure up tales—he kind of lived by his own set of rules. While it's uncertain whether or not this is true, Glen Grant was the first distillery to adopt electric lighting and establish the tall, slender stills and filter design that gives the spirits its malty flavor and clear character. He was also rumored to be the first man in Scotland to buy a car.

The distillery has been a part of numerous distilleries from the time of the Major. The Glenlivet Distillers Ltd. was formed in 1972 when The Glenlivet and Glen Grant Distilleries Ltd. merged with the distilling operations of Hill, Thomson and Co. Ltd. and Longmorn Distilleries Ltd. In 1977, the venerable behemoth Seagrams purchased this business, which was later transferred to Pernod Ricard in 2000. Its only Scotch Whisky at the moment is Campari, which purchased the portion of Glen Grant that had been removed in 2006.

The fact that Glen Grant is not only one of the best-selling single malts in the world but also the dominant player in its native Italy undoubtedly contributes to Campari's interest in the brand. Despite no longer being a part of the same stable, Glen Grant continues to play a significant role in the success of Chivas Regal.

The hue of the drink is Pale Gold. On smell, it is Semi baked apple, pears, and green grape with a whiff of grain. The beverage has a fruity flavor and a mild, smooth, and even texture. I detect a malty cereal note along with apples and a hint of berries. This beer has 40% alcohol by volume and is extremely balanced. It's not perfect because the main flavor fades away very rapidly, but I'd be interested to try it at a higher proof. Yet it makes a good introduction for a novice whisky enthusiast. In fact, it resembles the Glenmorangie 10 in certain ways.

This phrase loves water. You must exercise caution because it slightly cuts through the sweetness and brings out the cereal and malt notes of the release. The beverage's finish is White peppery and a little malty towards the finish, with a potential for bitterness.

This expression is quite sweet. Probably the sweetest thing I can have with whiskey. Although not what you'd desire in a premium scotch, given the price, this is a wonderful introduction to whisky for someone new to it.

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