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Canadian Club Whisky 75cl
Canadian Club Whisky 75cl
Canadian Club Whisky 75cl
Canadian Club Whisky 75cl
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Spirit Type: Blended Whisky

Country: Canada

ABV: 40%

Bottle size: 75cl


Hiram Walker established his distillery in 1858 in Detroit. He initially learned the process of distilling cider vinegar in his grocery shop in the 1830s before shifting on to whisky and producing his first barrels in 1854. 

Though the Prohibition movement assembly drive and Michigan previously becoming "dry," Walker was certain to move his distillery through the Detroit River to Windsor, Ontario. From here, he was capable of exporting his whisky and initiating to grow Walkerville, a model community that he had founded to offer housing and services for his employees.

Walker's whisky was mainly famous in the late 19th century clubs of the gentlemen of Canada and the United States; therefore, it became famous as "Club Whisky." Walker eventually situated the whisky as an exclusive liquor, pitching it not only on its silkiness but also pure but its five-year oak barrel maturing.

There's an exciting floral note that primarily ponders on the liquor lovers, like rose water, alongside some cola dash. There is fruity rye, and, similarly, as present as the corn together with it - there is a little graininess indicative of the alcohol-forward aromas of vodkas. You can discover the corn is slightly reminiscent of flavorless corn chips. 

There's a slight taste of the vanilla essence along with a bit of caramel also in the background….and the aroma comes up as the glass is seated, revealing more vanilla as well as maple, and, at times, glazed orange peel. 

There's almost a bit of bitter, almost meaty fragrance that comes out in the nose (not that tempting...). But, on the other hand, you will get quite a stimulating blend of vegetal dashes – such as green bell pepper as well as celery.  

The taste is quite sweet. The rye comes in and carries much of the taste, though the corn is also still quite present. There's a specific earthiness to this whiskey as it warms up the mouth at the end of the taste you like. It has amusingly raw flavors and reminds of some rye fresh make instability. 

The finish of the tannins does a bit of work, which has a lovely touch of acidity as well as prickly spice and cacao powder. The finish has a hint of too much bitterness, which you wouldn't like, though you will find it interesting juxtaposed with the sweetness.

It isn't a whisky that you would like to sip, but part of it is quite enjoying the fresh earthiness as well as the spice of this.

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