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Brecon Botanical Gin 70cl
Brecon Botanical Gin 70cl
Brecon Botanical Gin 70cl
Brecon Botanical Gin 70cl
Brecon Botanical Gin 70cl
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Spirit Type: Welsh Gin

Country: Wales

ABV: 43%

Bottle size: 70cl


The first Welsh distillery in more than a century is Penderyn. On March 1, 2004, HRH Prince Charles himself attended the official launch. The distillery is located in Penderyn, a small community in South Wales' Brecon Beacons mountain region. The Fawr Geopark forest, which encircles Penderyn, is located in Brecon Beacons, which was recognized by UNESCO as exhibiting a geological heritage of high value. Only 1 barrel of Wysgi (Welsh meaning whisky) is produced daily by Penderyn. All of their malts are aged twice, once in specially chosen Bourbon barrels and once in barrels from which they are seeking out a particular flavor profile. Since its creation ten years ago, Penderyn has garnered praise from the spirits industry and different competitions, and it has developed a following of whisky connoisseurs searching for the special ingredient.

Brecon Gin is a premium gin that has been expertly distilled utilizing botanicals from all over the world. It is then bottled at the Penderyn Distillery using water from the breathtaking Brecon Beacons National Park. Brecon Gin is a robust, classic juniper gin that has been spiced up with coriander and undertones of cinnamon.

Orange & lemon freshness with cinnamon, licorice, and angelica playing supporting roles appear when you add a mixer. Brecon Gin will revive memories of previous scorching, long summers.

My expectations for the flavor of this pretty, unique gin were raised by the fact that it is produced at the Penderyn Distillery using only pure grain spirits and water from the magnificent Brecon Beacons National Park, from whence it derives its name. My first sip of Brecon Botanicals Gin, which has an ABV of 43% and 8 botanicals, revealed an earthy gin with a gentle juniper flavor.

Although I've lately noticed this gin for sale, it wasn't initially widely accessible in the UK because it was created with an eye toward the Spanish market and released for export only. I must admit that its flavors would pair wonderfully with dishes that have strong flavors, like tapas.

The Botanicals Gin has a mostly earthy flavor, along with spices and a strong cassia bark undertone. It is a very pleasant beverage and would work well in many different cocktail mixes. A great gin, especially for those of us who enjoy gins with a Plymouth-style flavor profile.

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