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Baron Otard Cognac VSOP 70cl
Baron Otard Cognac VSOP 70cl
Baron Otard Cognac VSOP 70cl
Baron Otard Cognac VSOP 70cl
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Spirit Type: Cognac

Country: France

ABV: 40%

Bottle Size: 700ml


Baron Otard is a French cognac house established in 1795 by Jean-Baptiste Antoine Otard. It was discovered at the Château de Cognac and sold under the name Château Royal de Cognac. 

The Otard family founded Baron Otard Cognac until it was owned by Martini & Rossi S.P.A. in 1991. Nowadays, Baron Otard Cognac is a secondary of the Bacardi group. 

The Otard family discovered its origins back in the middle of the 9th century to a Norwegian warrior named Ottar. From the 11th to 17th century, the coming generation of Ottar lived in Dun-Ottar castle in Scotland. Great followers of the Stuart looked forward to King James II of England when the latter shifted to France in exile after the Glorious Revolution of 1688.

The castle comprises the secrets to ages of Cognac production deep inside its cellars, founded by Baron Jean-Baptiste Otard in 1795, who became mayor of the district just nine years later.

It is the only royal chateau in the Cognac region that narrowly avoided being destroyed during the French Revolution.

Baron Otard is the master of Cognac manufacture, mainly their Otard distillery, with its enthralling history that times back to the Middle Ages.

The Baron Otard cognac VSOP 70cl is impressive and famous for its superior blends quality; the drink's colour is quite like a Brilliant Amber. The aroma is mesmerizing, and it has a boldly floral fragrance and citrus leaves and vanilla.

The taste of Baron Otard Cognac is vibrant and creamy, with the coated flavors mixing between jasmine and elderflowers, not to forget the wild limes coupled with ripe pears that bloom into a bunch of wood spices, and deep and tendered tobacco leaves. 

 The drink's finish is long and sweet, along with the feeling of the antique world. Baron Otard VSOP has been awarded several felicitations, for instance, IWSC 2015- Silver medal and same in 2013.

Baron Otard VSOP Awards

  • IWSC 2015 - Silver Medal
  • IWSC 2014 - Silver Medal
  • IWSC 2013 - Silver Medal
  • International Spirits Challenge 2015 - Silver Medal



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