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Drambox - World Gin Tasting Sampler Pack
Drambox - World Gin Tasting Sampler Pack
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Gin, originally created for medicinal purposes, just as whisky once was, has become one of the up and coming spirits as of late.  Which is interesting considering that it's been around since the early 16th century. 

A spirit widely popular in England, it did not originate there, but traces its roots back to European monks that used juniper berries in fermentation. As you can see by the kit we've created, gin is so widely popular, that so many countries have tried their hand in making this spirit.

Tasting Range:

  • Roku Gin (Japan)
    ABV: 43% 
  • Koval Dry Gin (USA)
    ABV: 45% 
  • The Secret Treasures Old Tom Style Gin (Germany)
    ABV: 47% 
  • Nordes Atlantic Galician Gin (Spain)
    ABV: 40% 

Bottle Size: 3cl each 

Note: Glass not included.

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