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West Cork Blended Irish Whisky Bourbon Cask 70cl
West Cork Blended Irish Whisky Bourbon Cask 70cl
West Cork Blended Irish Whisky Bourbon Cask 70cl
West Cork Blended Irish Whisky Bourbon Cask 70cl

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Spirit Type: Whiskey

Country: Ireland

ABV: 40%

Bottle Size: 70cl


West Cork Distillery was established in Union Hall in 2003 by three-lifetime friends; Ger McCarthy, Denis McCarthy, and John O’Connell, West Cork, Ireland. Ger and Denis McCarthy had long pasts as deep-sea trawlermen, and O’Connell was a study and development scientist in the food & beverage business. 

Encouraged by West Cork’s proud history in artistic food and beverage making, the three men recognized a distillery to produce quality drinks in a distant and attractive location in Ireland.

The West Cork Distillery is almost exclusive in that most of the squashing, fermentation, and distillation equipment was handcrafted on-site by the forefathers and their team. They can thereby boast that their distillery staff is intimately wedded to its gear.

The juice itself is a bright copper colorcolor with thin legs in the glass. The aroma holds hints of dried taffy, fruit, honey, sweet spice, grain, and a floral elementary touch. The mouthfeel is thin and somewhat warming.  

The flavor teases the taste with bits of dried fruit, honey, fresh grain, and an earthy hint of malt and vanilla. The finish soothes the flavor with a delightful burst of caramel, grain, and dried fruit.

 The juice is indulgent and relishing to drink. No water is compulsory and the Bourbon Cask delivers that something added to get a bourbon drinker's consideration with the young grainy touch of an Irish whiskey. You will enjoy sipping this Irish whiskey. Finally, the juice would hold up well as an Irish cocktail whiskey, but you would like to sample it when it has had for more than 5 to 8 years in the barrel.

West Cork Bourbon Cask Irish Whiskey is exciting but light across the senses. The darker notes blended nicely with the subtle fruitier notes, but they never fully came together in a fully unified or deep whiskey. The grainy notes are pretty prevalent, and you wouldn’t be surprised if this were any more than three years and a day in age.

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