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Tenjaku Japanese Whisky 70cl
Tenjaku Japanese Whisky 70cl
Tenjaku Japanese Whisky 70cl
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Spirit Type: Blended Whisky

Country: Japan

ABV: 40%

Bottle size: 70cl


Tenjaku Japanese Whisky is a wonderful combination of Japanese whisky that is manufactured with corn and barley and matured in bourbon barrels made of American white oak. The word "Hibari," more generally known as the skylark, is written in Japanese characters that you can see on the label.

The Whisky Advocate gave it 87 points out of 100 with its critical evaluation: "This mix, which is created in Fuefuki, a city west of Tokyo, looks created specifically for fantastic Highballs. Fresh pears, baked pastries, straw, and roasted spices — coriander, pepper, and anise — all come through on the scent. It starts out lacking body with flavours of sweet orange, fruit syrups, and spicy ginger root, but it soon wins you over with flavours of tropical fruits, vanilla, orange cake, and a hot and spicy finish."

Tenjaku is a whisky that has been carefully chosen, entirely distilled, and aged in Japan. It is incredibly smooth, simple to drink, and well-balanced. The art of the Tenjaku mix involves precisely blending pure, unfiltered whiskies with pure, natural spring water to preserve and conserve perfectly crafted flavours.

Using a delicate blending method that is exclusive to Japan and was developed by renowned whisky Master Blender Kenji Watanabe. In 2020, Tenjaku was awarded a gold medal and a 91 rating from the World's Best Known Beverage Testing Institute.

Tenjaku has a flavour that is both sharp and lively, making it ideal for drinking. It also has a versatile appeal and can be used to make fantastic cocktails.

This crisp, moderate, and well-balanced Japanese whisky has a gentle, mellow flavour with the finish of a protracted, mildly spicy finish with a spreading sweetness and a whiff of white wood. It has a slightly smokey accent with a sweet perfume reminiscent of dried fruit and pears.

Tenjaku is suitable for all types of drinking, but for the smoothest and most enjoyable attack, distinctive mellowness, and abundantly sweet finish, try it first on the rocks. If you want to experience the sweet, smoky aroma that comes up from the soda, try a highball. If you prefer, serve it mizuwari style and enjoy Tenjaku's affection for water.

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