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Sagamore Spirit Rye Signature Whiskey 70cl
Sagamore Spirit Rye Signature Whiskey 70cl
Sagamore Spirit Rye Signature Whiskey 70cl
Sagamore Spirit Rye Signature Whiskey 70cl

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Spirit Type: American Whiskey

Country: USA

ABV: 40%

Bottle size: 70cl


The state of Maryland has an amusing history of whisky productions, precisely rye whiskeys. By 1912, Maryland had emerged as the powerhouse of more than 40 distilleries.

It seemed that Maryland rye whisky would fade into history after the last rye distillery closed its doors in the early 1970s. In the mid-2000s, rye whisky regained fans, and they launched new distilleries to pop up around the nation.

The idea for Sagamore Spirit was initially perceived in 2012, with the brand legitimately launching in 2016 on his five-acre waterfront distillery in 2017.

The name comes from a thoroughbred horse racing farm, Sagamore Farm, 22 miles from the Port Covington distillery. They constructed that farm on a shelf of limestone that yields some of the top-notch quality water in the mid-Atlantic state. The water is an essential part of Sagamore's ingredient list for their rye whisky. 

Rye whisky has an extended old history in the United States, with a few places specifically singled out in rye's trip to Pennsylvania, Kentucky, and Maryland. The Maryland-style rye has fought on the edge of extinction in current decades. However, Sagamore Spirit is one of the limited producers picked to create this sweeter rye style. 

The Signature Rye is prepared with a sourced mixture of two rye whiskeys from Indiana, brought down to bottling strength with limestone-filtered water from Sagamore Farm. Not quite as spicy and dry as the rye whiskeys that you might be familiar with, but it deals up a lip-smacking sweetness that creates easy sipping and works amazingly in cocktails.

The color of the drink is amber. The aroma or the smell is like vanilla, spicy, honey, nutmeg, jasmine, and sweet peach.  

Sagamore Spirit Wins One of Only Eight Master Medals Awarded at First UK Blind Tasting. Sagamore Spirit has been awarded a Master medal for their Double Oak Rye at The Drinks Business & The Spirits Business Spring Blind Tasting 2021. 

The flavor and taste have the vanilla essence, spices, rye, and sweet dash of caramel endured with unique tones of tobacco leaves, apricot, and orange zest. The finish sagamore Spirit Straight Rye Whisky, wisely distilled at Sagamore Spirit, is idolized for its zesty notes, tobacco, vanilla, and rye flavor notes; it is rye, smooth, and spicy notes.




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