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Patron Reposado Tequila 75cl
Patron Reposado Tequila 75cl
Patron Reposado Tequila 75cl
Patron Reposado Tequila 75cl
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Spirit Type: Tequila

Country: Mexico

ABV: 40%

Bottle size: 75cl


As a superior tequila, Patrón is made with 100 percent Blue Weber Agave, a formula developed in an era drowning in "mix to" tequila (fundamentally cheap swill manufactured by mixing distilled agave with up to 49 percent raw, tasteless firewater that can make from any old starch you like). 

The beauty of the hand-blown glass bottle encouraged the brand. DeJoria's future commercial partner brought the lovely bottle back from a business trip to Mexico. While what was inside was a nightmare, the bottle itself was so remarkable it brilliant the "simply perfect" keyword of the brand.

The product's color is lighter than others, much like a Joven that is predictable, which goes some way to describe the rest of the experience. It is a pale golden colour and, when drizzled, is a squelchy consistency.

 Waiting for it to come to room temperature, the fragrance of the reposado is vanilla, sweet, and agave. The agave is perhaps a little earthy and dirty. The alcohol vaporizes quickly as it warms, and the perfumes become bolder, with more of the cooked agave coming through to a spicy, Along with white pepper, and black pepper scent.  

 There are some citrus, sour apple, and dairy tones too. On bringing to the taste, the alcohol can be intense as it evaporates at 40%, which is not astonishing; though, other tequilas can mask this better. 

 The first feel in the mouth is spicy and alcoholic as likely and very robust cooked agave. Again as expected, given the brighter color. It is prickly on the tongue but not too powerful. The intensity of the agave is quite complete and catches the thick senses taking the flavor into the smell.

 Held in the mouth, it feels fresh though not to be held for too long; it's a "sip & drink" rather than a "sip & savors" tequila. The melody comes through once you swallow, along with the vanilla and additional agave. It has named following recognition: 

  • Master

Super Premium Reposado - 2021

The Tequila & Mezcal Masters (The Spirits Business)

  • Master

Super Premium Reposado - 2020

The Tequila & Mezcal Masters (The Spirits Business)


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