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Patron Silver Tequila 75cl
Patron Silver Tequila 75cl
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Spirit Type: Tequila

Country: Mexico

ABV: 40%

Bottle Size: 750ml


One might nearly divide the history of the tequila industry into two periods: before Patrón and after Patrón. When it was introduced in 1989, Patrón disproved the notion that tequila was a tasteless, bottom-shelf party beverage and nearly single-handedly propelled it into the same category as whiskey and cognac among spirits. In bars and liquor stores during the 1990s and 2000s, Patrón's distinctive beehive-shaped bottles and round cork became recognizable, and the brand is still regarded as a representation of excellence and wealth today.

As much as it was praised during its first two decades of dominance, Patrón is frequently demonized today. There are a lot of rivals and detractors trying to topple the brand from its lofty perch because it is the second-best-selling tequila in the globe after Jose Cuervo and has the glamorous reputation of being the Macallan of tequila. But sipping is the true test, and more than three decades after Patrón's introduction, the tequila is still made superbly.

The beverage is crystal clear, as is appropriate for an unaged spirit. Cooked agave has a beautiful, vegetal perfume that is reminiscent of grass and bell peppers. It has undertones of eucalyptus and is a little earthy as well.

The scent seems It has a very silky, rich mouthfeel and is dry and mineral with savoury, slightly funky toasted agave and white pepper undertones.

The flavour is dry and agave-forward with a mildly spicy kick and a lingering, savoury aftertaste that piques your interest in taking another drink.

An unaged Blanco tequila must stand on its own merit without hiding behind a barrel because cask-ageing can conceal a tequila's real character. Additionally, Patrón Silver is a top-notch tequila. Although Blancos are typically seen as mixers, this complex and multifaceted drink is also unexpectedly delicious as a sipper, either plain or on the rocks, perhaps with a squeeze of lime. It makes an excellent Margarita or Paloma.

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