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Martini Asti Sparkling Wine 75cl
Martini Asti Sparkling Wine 75cl
Martini Asti Sparkling Wine 75cl
Martini Asti Sparkling Wine 75cl
Martini Asti Sparkling Wine 75cl

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Wine Type: Sparkling Wine

Varietal(s): Moscato

Country: Italy

Bottle Size: 750ml


Famous Italian winery Martini (or Martini & Rossi) is known for its exquisite vermouth and sparkling wines.

It was established in 1863 by Alessandro Martini, Teofilo Sola, and Luigi Rossi in the Italian Pessione region.

Currently owned by Bacardi, the Piedmont-based winery. The beautiful hills of the area offer the Moscato grape a perfect growing habitat. It is no surprise that this grape yields Moscato D'Asti, one of the most renowned sparkling wines in the world.

Martini places a high priority on sustainability and is renowned for obtaining its grapes from environmentally friendly vineyards in the Asti DOCG region.

Nebbiolo and Welschriesling are two of the many grape varietals used to create this sparkling wine (Riesling Italico). It contains hints of wild rose, a balanced acidity, powerful citrus flavors, and notes of dry fruit, vine peaches, spice, and apricots.

Glera, together with traces of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, are used to make this Italian wine. It is a dry, sparkling white wine with notes of apple, fresh melon, apricot, and fresh pears. It also has crisp acidity, and a lemon flavor.

The grapes used to make this Italian sparkling wine include Chardonnay, Garganega, and Trebbiano. Flavors of apricot, pear, & green apple are present, along with flint notes and a sharp almond finish.

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