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Makers 46 75cl
Makers 46 75cl
Makers 46 75cl
Makers 46 75cl

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Spirit Type: Whiskey

Country: USA, Kentucky

ABV: 47%

Bottle Size: 75cl


It is one of the craft whiskeys that is not something fresh. Additionally, minimum-batch craft spirit is on the market. In such an economic market, it takes something quite special for such a whisky to stand out from others, and Maker's Mark has quite absolutely and proved itself in the market out there.

Distilling the minor-batch whisky had been a preferred pastime of the Samuels family for eras, moving their expertise from Scotland to Pennsylvania, and lastly to the bourbon capital of the United States of America: Kentucky.

If you consider Kentucky a heart of USA whiskey production, Maker's Mark is the heartbeat that pumps the blood throughout the body. Maker's Mark bourbon is affectionately distilled in those ever-popular handmade minor batches, in the proper small town of Loretto, in the north of the state.

Currently, Maker's Mark is an immensely popular spirit, cherished for its sweet-smelling vanilla essence, caramel traces, which are a product of an exclusive recipe.

No, it's not merely the rustic, completely vintage feel of the wax-dipped flask decor that creates Maker's Mark so tempting– it's the whisky's inherent sweetness that makes it so lusciously pleasant. However, it wasn't always that way. It has a candy kind of sweetness, and the sawdust from freshly cut wood, and it has a very pleasant aroma, along with the sweet spices as well as deep and thick caramel.

The taste is soft and very creamy. Then it opens up; in fact, it is overloaded with a spiciness that focuses on the tip of the tongue. It's made of mulled wine spices, nutmeg, allspice, cinnamon. Moreover, it has a dash of hot apple juice.

An organic progression of the taste along with the sweet flavors and it focuses on the tongue – this may be one of the rare times, and you will feel a concentration of sweetness like a bourbon. It also changes into grass after a minute or so. It has earned many recognition such as Gold medal Liquid Gold Award - 2014 In Jim Murray's Whisky Bible.

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