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Koval Gin Pack (Dry Gin & Barrel Aged Gin)
Koval Gin Pack (Dry Gin & Barrel Aged Gin)
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Spirit Type: Gin

Country: USA

ABV:  47%

Bottle size: 20cl (2 bottles)


Koval Gin is a brand of gin produced by Koval Distillery, an artisanal distillery located in Chicago, Illinois, United States. Koval Distillery is known for its small-batch, handcrafted spirits, and it has gained recognition for its unique approach to distilling. Koval Gin is made using a grain-to-bottle process, meaning that the distillery uses grains sourced directly from local farmers and handles the entire production process in-house. The gin is distilled in small copper pot stills, allowing for greater control over the flavors and aromas. The resulting gin is often described as crisp, clean, and aromatic, with juniper and citrus notes prominent in the taste. It can be enjoyed in classic gin cocktails such as the gin and tonic or used as a base spirit in a variety of mixed drinks.

Koval Gin has gained popularity among gin enthusiasts for its high-quality craftsmanship and attention to detail. It's available in select markets and can be found at specialty liquor stores or online retailers that carry a diverse range of spirits.

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