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Naked Malt 70cl Giftset with 2 Branded Rock Glasses
Naked Malt 70cl Giftset with 2 Branded Rock Glasses
Naked Malt 70cl Giftset with 2 Branded Rock Glasses
Naked Malt 70cl Giftset with 2 Branded Rock Glasses
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The Edrington Group's Famous Grouse line of blended malt whiskies includes The Naked Grouse. The Highland Park and Macallan malts were aged in first-fill Sherry barrels. Due to the absence of grains in this whisky, it contains a higher percentage of the aforementioned malts than the typically blended malt and grain whisky. The bottle, which displays the grouse etched on the glass, is artistically pleasing and ingenious.
It's not bad, this vatted malt whiskey.

An adequate dram from the well-known Scottish brand overall. takes a long time to mature in the glass. It starts off stingy and strongly flavored with marzipan, which I usually find revolting. But everything works out just fine in the end. Value-for-money dram Rich in parts but oftentimes difficult to understand. as jazz music sometimes is. Because of this, I'll call this grouse Bird in homage to Clint Eastwood's film.

In 2011 the - rather uninteresting - Snow Grouse and The Naked Grouse were added to the Famous Grouse line. Similar to the Famous Grouse,

it is prepared using a base of grain and malt whiskies, primarily from the Macallan and Highland Park distilleries. These are aged in first-fill sherry oak casks that have been "sun-dried" (whatever that means), but there is no mention of the age of the constituent parts. There is definitely no Scotch mist to be found, and the orangey color would indicate that a significant amount of caramel colorant was employed.

On the other hand, this whisky stands out due to its distinctive packaging, which has almost no labels, and the grouse imprinted on the glass.

On the nose, it smells strongly of oak wood with notes of dried fruit, molasses, cedar, tobacco, cola, and a hint of camphor. There is a lot of wood flavor on the palate, along with notes of Fino sherry, sweet maple syrup, raisins, figs, cinnamon, and mild pepper. The drink has a medium-length finish that gradually becomes drier, with lingering wood notes, a bitter orange flavor, and a hint of charred wood and ash right toward the end.

Overall, it is very well-balanced, robust, and smooth. Despite being a fairly "manufactured" and polished whisky with no subtlety, it is nevertheless a really enjoyable dram and is unquestionably worthwhile to taste.

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