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Johnnie Walker A Song of Ice Game of Thrones 70cl
Johnnie Walker A Song of Ice Game of Thrones 70cl
Johnnie Walker A Song of Ice Game of Thrones 70cl
Johnnie Walker A Song of Ice Game of Thrones 70cl

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Spirit Type: Whisky

Country: Scotland

Bottler: Johnnie Walker

ABV: 40.2%

Bottle Size: 750ml

Note: You must be of legal drinking age to access this site. Please drink responsibly.


And here you thought my reviews of discontinued Diageo whiskey from the Game of Thrones series were complete. Hah! Regular readers of my blog will be aware that you all have to put up with my evaluation of a bottle if we locate a closeout discount on it. Song of Ice and White Walker are the two Game of Thrones-themed Johnnie Walkers that will be served today. Song of Fire is a touch smokier than these two, but we didn't acquire a bottle of it.

Song of Ice is a minor variation of the standard Johnnie Walker recipe. We doubt the whisky's flavour had a significant role in the strategy because it was intended to capitalize on the popularity of HBO's Game of Thrones series. According to rumours, this edition has slightly more Clynelish and less peated scotch.

This alcohol by volume is bottled at 40.2% for some reason. Although I'm sure there is a marketing rationale for that number, since it cannot possibly have an impact on the whisky's flavour, we won't bother to dig it up.

The scent of this Johnnie-style grain whisky is quite typical, with notes of hay, mild honey, and just enough nail polish remover to be distracting. The Clynelish must be the source of the round, waxy note of something that sounds like macadamia nuts that emerge after a brief rest in the glass and a faint coconut note. The dominating tone is still painted thinner, although these delightful shifts are quite subtle.

On the palate, medium-sized and almost paper-thin. In addition to the usual suspects like hay, sugar cookies, mild honey, and — you guessed it — nail polish remover, coconut is a given.

Overall, the finish is brief. It's lovely because the coconut note appears to intensify throughout the experience. Without much bitterness or tannin, the aftertaste is only somewhat drying. Fades away rapidly without changing.

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