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John Jameson Cold Brew 70cl
John Jameson Cold Brew 70cl
John Jameson Cold Brew 70cl
John Jameson Cold Brew 70cl

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Spirit Type: Whiskey

Country: Ireland

ABV: 30%

Bottle Size: 700ml


For the "it crowd," and occasionally beyond, toffee and espresso houses have been and remain fashionable. Millennials all throughout Europe have been reawakened by specialty coffee, and they are now thirsty for a hot or cold beverage that is both fun and attractive on social media (thank God we are passed the avocado-coffee obsession!).

Irish whisky and coffee work well together and are a timeless combo. A delicious dram after lunch and the ideal beverage when you are unsure of the appropriate time for coffee or whisky. The Jameson Cold Brew was created as a result of Jameson Irish Whiskey's decision to modernize this classic.

Jameson Irish Whiskey, which has undergone three distillations, is combined with cold brew coffee extract to create Jameson Cold Brew. The best fair-trade arabica beans from Columbia and Brazil were used to make this. Irish Distillers claims that the end product is a smooth, fresh Irish whiskey with a robust coffee flavor balanced with wood smoke on the palate and a warming mouthfeel on the finish. They also advise using it in a coffee drink or serving it over ice.

Brendan Buckley, Director of Strategy, Innovation, and Prestige at Irish Distillers, says of Jameson Cold Brew, "We are convinced that Irish whiskey and coffee aficionados will like the taste experience it offers. Jameson Cold Brew blends the best of worlds in a unique and refreshing way. But right now, this is only a pilot.

I was genuinely interested by this drink, oblivious to the possibility that I would be the ideal consumer for Jameson Cold Brew as a millennial who enjoys both coffee (expresso, preferably) and whiskey. This whiskey doesn't have the normal honey-cinnamon flavor. With a hint of whiskey, this is coffee. In actuality, the label claims that 48mg of caffeine is included in every 50 ml.

And all it takes to see it is to pour some into a glass. It appears to be coffee. A lengthy, dark-brown, filtered coffee in various tones. The aroma is similar to that of coffee but different. Specialty coffee bean smells, as well as sweet vanilla and malty nuances are undeniably there.

It has a robust body and a strong coffee flavor in the mouth. Although you might have expected it to have softer palate notes of coffee, it is a robust, powerful coffee. The whiskey then starts working. The sweetness of vanilla and a hint of burned wood. The finish is brief yet rich in coffee flavors.

This is not your standard whiskey or Irish coffee. It is a twist but an incredibly delightful one. Anytime I want my coffee to taste a little bit like whiskey, I'd be happy to have one of these bottles at home. Ireland, Northern Ireland, and Dublin Airport are all authorized retailers of the Price Jameson Cold Brew. It costs €28.50 at retail.

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