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Hennessy Black 1L
Hennessy Black 1L
Hennessy Black 1L
Hennessy Black 1L
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Spirit Type: Cognac

Country: France

ABV: 43%

Bottle size: 1L


In front of you, you will see only black, a future that has yet to be exposed. The shadows ahead comprise limitless possibilities. It is up to you to take the initial step into mystery and grip the odd. 

The next creation, your next journey, your next night out, discovers Hennessy black discover new paths. 40% abv a fresh evenness: Hennessy black is a chic, original cognac – it has the aromas of jasmine floral notes that boldly make an instant statement. 

Intimations of citrus and honey follow, adding a softer, warmer touch. In the mouth, Hennessy Black keeps these unforeseen flavors and releases the cleansing features of white flowers and fresh grapes. An attractive contrast: smooth from the initial aromas yet strong.

Hennessy advises that Black can be drunk neat (Black Velvet). Other than out of curiosity, there is no cause to choose Hennessy Black as a sipping cognac. Hennessy Black is as Hennessy intends – a cognac for blendings. 

 Hennessy Black was made to be a versatile cocktail blender to use with mixers not usually associated with cognacs, like Coca-cola, or in cocktails exclusive to Hennessy Black.

Among all the love and appreciation it has won several awards like The Popai Award, The Pentawards,  Prix Formes de Luxe (France), and many more.

If you have tried all the cocktails and discovered that Hennessy attained what is set out to do with Hennessy Black – make an adaptable mixer. Hennessy Black is a cognac that is better suited to blending than sipping. 


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