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Spirit Type: Scotch Whisky 

Country: Scotland

ABV:  43%

Bottle size: 75cl


Just enough of their unique variety of barley is grown on Glenmorangie's 440-acre Cadboll Estate nearby the distillery to suit the demands of a little more than two weeks' worth of output annually. It takes a lot of time and works to ensure that Dr. Bill Lumsden is pursuing the highly valued barley exactly. After harvest, he makes sure the barley is dried and malted in accordance with his instructions. He also specifies the types and fields in which they will be planted.

Glenmorangie Following the tiny initial batch distilled in 2004, the Cadboll Estate 15-Year-Old 2005 Vintage was released, which shows slight variations in the barley harvest.
This whisky was distilled in 2005 and aged in first-fill American White Oak ex-Bourbon casks. It was named Best Single Malt Scotch 15-Year-Old at the 2021 International Whisky Contest, Double Gold at the 2021 San Francisco Spirits Competition, and Bullion at the 2021 International Spirits Challenge.

Release of this second batch of Glenmorangie Rich cinnamon and ginger, orange, eucalyptus, and rich vanilla candy are all piled into the wondrously velvety depths of The Cadboll Estate 15-Year-Old.

Glenmorangie is not my go-to whisky, in my opinion. The exception is this particular bottle. Through their attention to detail and tasteful presentation, they were able to produce a tone that is balanced and portrays the traditions and landscapes of the Scottish Highlands.

I'm not sure if they could have achieved this result by outsourcing materials as usual or if it was because they utilized their own grains, but I, for one, am eagerly anticipating this bottling and learning whether Glenmorangie will continue to use this flavor profile in the future.

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