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Glencairn Crystal Whisky Glass (6 pcs)
Glencairn Crystal Whisky Glass (6 pcs)
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Highly regarded whisky experts will tell you that one of the most important parts of tasting whisky is using the right glass. One that would embody the full smell, body and taste characteristics of the whisky.

And that is why Whisky purist Raymond Davidson of Scotland created the Glencarin Glass. The official whisky glass.

The Glencairn glass was designed and handcrafted with the inputs of master blenders and distillery managers in Scotland. In fact, the glass has very similar characteristics as the same vessels that the master blenders used in their distilleries.

The round body that enables you to swirl the whisky without spilling it. The curved enclosed rim, perfect for nosing. The solid base, for holding the whisky while observing it visually and to fit in your hand ergonomically.

If you haven’t tried using a Glencairn glass yet, you’re drinking whisky the wrong way.

Here are 3 more reasons why you should pick up a Glencairn glass now:

  1. It will give you the optimum whisky drinking experience  - To be able to fully recognize the attributes of your whisky, the color, palette, body, finish, and nose must be taken into consideration. This glass will make you appreciate all five especially the “nose” part where you get to get the aroma directly to your nose because of its well-designed form.

  2. It’s Highly Awarded -It has been applauded by Master Blenders around the world both as a whisky glass and as an enterprise
    • Queen’s Award for Enterprise 2012
    • Queen’s Award for Innovation - Glencairn Glass 2006

3. We offer it at the best price possible - Our Glencairn glasses are Authentic, straight from the UK. They are made out of Crystal and will not break after a few uses like some other aftermarket ones. How to tell? Look at the bottom of the base of the glass, you will see the Glencairn logo on there.

Since we buy our Glencairn glasses direct, we are passing on the savings to you and sell them at the lowest price on the market. Each box contains 6 pieces which is perfect for your home set and collection.


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