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Glen Grant 12 Year Old 70cl
Glen Grant 12 Year Old 70cl
Glen Grant 12 Year Old 70cl
Glen Grant 12 Year Old 70cl

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Spirit Type: Scotch Whisky

Country: Scotland

ABV: 43%

Bottle Size: 70cl


The city of Rothes in the Speyside area of Scotland is family to the distillery of Glen Grant. The operation manufactures and shifts vast quantities of spirit under their single malt label and liberated labeling and is a prime contributor to Chivas mixes.

Glen Grant's lineage draws back to 1840, when brothers John and James Grant first used for a distillery permit, introducing the brand. A second Glen Grant distillery, correctly named Glen Grant No. 2, was ultimately established by Major James Grant Jr., only to have its doors closed in 1902 after only five years of process.

Glen Grant No. 2 operated as Caperdonich when distilling was suggested in 1965 following more than six decades of neglect. Caperdonich was lastly demolished in 2011 after being locked permanently in 2002.

Today's Glen Grant is a single distillery and an international whisky powerhouse owned by Gruppo Campari since 2006.

Vigorous Stats: 43% ABV (86 proof), matured 12 years, 100% malted barley, accessible for around $40-$50 per 750 ml bottle. The product's appearance is somewhat like radiant yellow like white grape juice or melted butter for dipping seafood.

Now coming to the aromatic notes of the product, it has a delightful, buttery, and relatively solvent kind of fragrance. The nose offerings are pretty young, as it has loads of malted barley upfront with honeydew, toffee, and a slight intimation of ash.

The taste has lots of Barley, cereal grains, vanilla frosting, and not to forget orange cream soda. The taste is immaculate and very straightforward, and it is not layered. The burn is cheerful yet minor, and it also has a persistent toffee note.

It's a bit too relaxed in the sense that it inclines to hover in an overpopulated segment of the single-malt countryside. That is hardly a word that encourages you to get another glass right away. Glen Grant 12-Year-Old works just stunning as a simple sipper or easy blender, and to expect more is to invite discontent.

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