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Douglas Laing - Timorous Beastie 10 Year Old (Release #1) 70cl
Douglas Laing - Timorous Beastie 10 Year Old (Release #1) 70cl
Douglas Laing - Timorous Beastie 10 Year Old (Release #1) 70cl
Douglas Laing - Timorous Beastie 10 Year Old (Release #1) 70cl
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Spirit Type: Blended Whisky

Country: Scotland

Bottler: Douglas Laing

ABV: 46.8%

Bottle Size: 70cl


By building its reputation on blended malt whiskies like Timorous Beastie, Rock Island, and Big Peat, independent bottler Douglas Laing has survived the lean years (decades?) of the single-malt boom. Under its Old Particular label, the bottler continues to release superb barrels of single malt, and we have been pleasantly delighted by the value some of them give. However, because there isn't much "excess" scotch lying about in warehouses for independent bottlers to buy, the independent market as a whole is experiencing a decline in quality (or, more frequently, a sharp increase in price).

Others, like Douglas's brother Hunter Laing, have taken a different approach and are currently building a distillery (Ardnahoe) in order to stay in the game. Some bottlers, like Gordon and MacPhail, have decided to quit attempting to beat them and joined them by purchasing a distillery (Benromach). In fact, Douglas Laing is also constructing the Clutha distillery in Glasgow, which had a 2019 opening date but has since been postponed.

A series of blended malts called Timorous Beastie, which takes its name from a Robert Burns poem, uses malts from Scotland's Highlands, including Glen Garioch, Dalmore, Glen Garioch, and Glengoyne.

The collection includes this 10-year-old, a non-age-stated bottling for around $35, and many limited editions. Without any chill filtration or additional coloring, this one has been bottled at 46.8% ABV. "Blended Malt" refers to a whisky that contains only single malt whiskies from Scottish distilleries, all of which are at least 10 years old in this case. No other whiskies or grain whiskies have been included.

On the nose, gentle and fruit-forward, with a little nuttiness, varied baked products, and orchard fruits (yellow peaches, apricots). Sweet, with a thick covering of icing from a vanilla cake. Dessert-like, pleasantly mild, and tasty.

On the palate, the mild tongue burn that comes with the 46.8% ABV is then followed by a continuance of the frosting-like sweet notes from the scent. Additionally, there are a few pieces of honey, nougat, and cinnamon powder. Nice.

The Finish is Middle-Length. The end is characterized by more nutty flavors (nougat, walnuts), some harsh barrel char, and, regrettably, bitternut oils. Without changing, fade.

Overall: A delicious blended malt treat. It doesn't cloy, nor is its hedonism, but it hits the appropriate notes at the right times and is consistent all the way through. Unfortunately, the experience is somewhat marred by a huge amount of bitterness at the finish.

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