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Douglas Laing Big Peat Small Batch Whisky 70cl
Douglas Laing Big Peat Small Batch Whisky 70cl
Douglas Laing Big Peat Small Batch Whisky 70cl
Douglas Laing Big Peat Small Batch Whisky 70cl
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If you want to try something new, this bottle is peaty and at the same time a good example of an independent bottling.Representing all that is Islay in one bottle,


BIG PEAT brings together some of our preferred Islay Malts, including those distilled at Ardbeg, Bowmore, Caol Ila and Port Ellen Distilleries.

Spirit Type: Whisky

Country: Scotland

ABV: 46%

Bottle Size: 70cl


It was founded in 1948; Douglas Laing & Co is a sovereign bottler of Scotch whisky. It is based in Glasgow, Scotland; the company has several brands with its "Remarkable Regional Malts" series, encircling Scallywag, The Epicurean, Timorous Beastie, Rock Island along with the Big Peat, as well as Xtra Old Particular and Provenance. 

The brand deals in Douglas Laing- Big peat small batch 70 cl, King of Scots Blended Scotch Whisky, Premier Barrel, and Clan Denny Single Casks.

It has very warm slabs of flavorful peat, an amazing touch of coffee, cedar, and chocolate, with spices, almonds, and walnuts. A dash of cinnamon with oily smoke. You will feel the aroma to be spicy as well as a little floral with woody hints. It has one of the most prominent aromas of almonds; it is one of the most significant as it holds over to the taste. 

The taste of the whiskey is quite easy to catch as it has easy-going elements yet is delicious. It has unique undertones of cut grass, heavy smoke, peanut, peat, and spices. It is a quite complex whisky. 

On Flipside, Rock Island is salty as well as spicy. In the salt, you will notice the taste of the warm spices, which generally lingers, coating the mouth with cinnamon and ginger. The main flavor is cherries and marzipan.

You will feel that the finish is slightly abrupt with coastal notes, cut grass, and smoke. In addition, you will experience the amazing notes of fantastical elements that have been invented together in one bottle of whiskey.

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