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Bushmills Black Bush 70cl
Bushmills Black Bush 70cl
Bushmills Black Bush 70cl
Bushmills Black Bush 70cl
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Spirit Type: Whisky

Country: Ireland

ABV: 40%

Bottle Size: 70cl


Bushmills is undoubtedly the second most well-known Irish whiskey brand after Jameson. I won't reiterate the commercial platitudes made throughout the tasting as a result. However, one of the more enduring quotes that resonated with me was something their master distiller said in response: "We're not good because we're ancient. We are wise because we are elderly.

Some of the more intriguing details I discovered regarding Bushmills include: The River Bush is where the name derives. Additionally, only Irish malted barley is used. Their barrel entrance proof is 85%, which I don't particularly like because it can cause the spirit to overextend the taste of the cask.

Pale gold is the color, and On the nose, I detect predominantly tropical fruit scents that are thin, light, and confused. Additionally, the ethanol is too sharp for the ABV. In the front are baked pears, star-fruits, grape-heavy fruit parfait, and sweet corn pudding. I notice extra mild and thin fragrances of honeydew watermelon, guava-flavored candy, and dehydrated lemon peels after giving this more time to breathe. Even more subdued chocolate and toffee scents are present.

Oddly, I taste chocolate and toffee tones first in my mouth. It has lemon peels, and guava powder poured over the top. With the fruit parfait heavy on the grapes, the sweet corn pudding reappears.

It is estimated that Bushmills Original is five years old. It is matured primarily in ex-bourbon or ex-sherry casks, with a small amount in ex-sherry casks.

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