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Bulleit Bourbon - Tattoo Limited Edition 70cl
Bulleit Bourbon - Tattoo Limited Edition 70cl
Bulleit Bourbon - Tattoo Limited Edition 70cl
Bulleit Bourbon - Tattoo Limited Edition 70cl
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Spirit Type: Bourbon Whisky

Country: USA

ABV: 45%

Bottle size: 70cl

Note: You must be of legal drinking age to access this site. Please drink responsibly.


Tattoos aren't only a form of art; they're also a way for people to express themselves, and they're evolving as tattoo artists use ink to push the limits of their creativity. Bulleit Bourbon announced the Bulleit Bourbon Tattoo Edition in collaboration with four avant-garde artists on National Tattoo Day. A limited edition of tattooed Bulleit Bourbon bottles is the most recent Frontier Work. Bulleit Frontier Works is a running collection of initiatives and partnerships with contemporary cultural producers.

Four different tattoo designs, each imprinted on a Bulleit bottle, make up the Bulleit Bourbon Tattoo Edition. These collector bottles were developed in collaboration with some of the greatest tattoo artists in the nation, whose artwork is influenced by the local cultures of the cities where they reside.

Bulleit Bourbon bottles have never before been transformed, thanks to the collaborations, which have turned them into coveted works of contemporary art. Every bottle comes with a hangtag that can be scanned to access an interactive virtual reality experience that brings the artwork of each artist to life digitally.

The beverage has a candied yam colour and tastes like mead, toffee, and mulled spices. The caramel and anise aromas on the palate are intense and penetrating. The drink has a smooth, sweet, and mid-length finish.

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