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Big Peat The Manila Edition Whisky 70cl
Big Peat The Manila Edition Whisky 70cl
Big Peat The Manila Edition Whisky 70cl
Big Peat The Manila Edition Whisky 70cl
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We are delighted to present Big Peat – The Manila Edition, which forms part of the Big Peat World Tour.

  • Bottled at 48% High Strength
  • Without colouring or chill filtration
  • 70cl/700ml


Nose: Sweet citrus intertwined with medicinal peat smoke and delicate maritime notes.

Palate: The sweet citrus continues and we reveal liquorice and smoked malt. Bonfire smoke builds on the palate giving that classic Islay profile.

Finish: The finish is long, sweet malt and smoke continue to develop.

Note: Only 300 of these Limited Edition bottles were produced.


To commemorate Fèis le 2021, Douglas Laing has released a special edition of Big Peat. The word "petrichor" is used to describe the aroma of rain as it falls on dry soil or earth, and water is obviously crucial when it comes to manufacturing whisky. Therefore, this edition is called to honor the rainfall on the island of Islay.

This whisky is a combination of solely Islay-distilled spirits that is cask-strength and bursting with a peaty, coastal flavor. 5,190 bottles were made available.

The first fragrance is mysterious. White wine that is dry, Blanco tequila, and a notable absence of peat. A brief rest in the glass reveals a small amount of peat in the shape of familiar brine with oceanic influences and far-off campfire smoke.

It has a little syrupy body flavor. With a lot of earthy/fungal peat and a hint of smoldering, the peat is more noticeable here. Crisp, with only a faint sweetness from the plain simple syrup.

It has a Medium-Long fragrance. A broad menthol flavor and a faint orange peel aroma. Here, the same peat flavors from the palate persist but gradually disappear. The end is a ghost of cherry or tart plum.

The perfume becomes sharper, and the peat more smoke-forward with a few drops of water. The taste is only a little sweeter as it becomes thinner (vanilla fudge). The overall impression is that it was superior. 10% better, roughly. Choose the water.

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