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Bacardi Black Rum 75cl
Bacardi Black Rum 75cl
Bacardi Black Rum 75cl
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Bacardi Black Rum is a dark rum produced by Bacardi Limited, a well-known spirits company based in Puerto Rico. It is one of the various products in Bacardi's extensive portfolio of rums.

Bacardi Black Rum is aged in heavily charred oak barrels, which contribute to its dark color and distinct flavor profile. The aging process allows the rum to develop rich, caramelized notes with hints of tropical fruits, spices, and a touch of smokiness. This gives it a smooth and full-bodied taste, making it enjoyable both on its own and in various cocktails.

As with any rum, Bacardi Black Rum can be enjoyed in a variety of ways. It works well as a sipping rum, either neat or on the rocks, allowing you to appreciate its complex flavors. Additionally, it is frequently used as a base spirit in cocktails such as the Cuba Libre (rum and cola with a splash of lime) or the Dark 'n' Stormy (rum, ginger beer, and lime).

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