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B&G Fleur De Camille Wine 75cl
B&G Fleur De Camille Wine 75cl
B&G Fleur De Camille Wine 75cl
B&G Fleur De Camille Wine 75cl
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Wine Type: Red, Semi-sweet

ABV: 11%

Country: France

Region: Pays d'Oc

Bottle Size: 750ml


Barton & Guestier - the first French wine brand, which has almost three hundred years history in the wine business, is known to millions of consumers worldwide. Skill and experience of winemakers in conjunction with the traditions and innovative technologies from one year to guarantee wines of high-quality products.

Translated from the French language, 'Fleur de Camille' means the flower of Camilla. A legend tells that Camilla was a secret lover of one famous French wine merchant. She went with him on long business trips, and her charm and ingenuity helped him find new customers around the world. Each time she took a lucky brooch in the shape of a flower with her. This story inspired the company to create Fleur de Camille's charming wines. 

It all began in 1725 when Thomas Barton left Ireland and moved to Bordeaux. He founded the company, which was engaged in freight wines, spices, and other goods, and already in 1747, the company is considered the first in Bordeaux, and Thomas also became the first owning his winery. In 1802, the grandson of Thomas - Hug Barton and French trader Daniel Hestia founded the company Barton & Guestier, which today is a benchmark of fine French wines.

The company's products a wide variety of delicious blame, which is known on five continents in 130 countries, which is the best proof of Barton & Guestier.

The wine is straw-yellow color. The aroma of wine is revealed expressive shades of white fruits - apple, pear, peach, banana, light lemon notes. The taste of the wine is soft rounded, with fruity notes, fresh citrus notes, lovely creamy tones, and nuances of honey in the finish.


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