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Absolut Vanilia 1L
Absolut Vanilia 1L
Absolut Vanilia 1L
Absolut Vanilia 1L

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Vanilla. This amazing flavor can improve practically everything, from cookies to... well, you name it. Perfect for people who like to experiment with diverse flavors or have a sweet tooth.

The adaptability of vanilla extends to beverages as well, whether you're aiming for something straightforward like a Vanilia Espresso Martini or something edgier like a Pornstar Martini.

For people who enjoy trying out new flavors or have a sweet craving, Absolut Vanilia Vodka is ideal. It is entirely made of natural materials and doesn't have any extra sugar. The characteristic taste of vanilla, butterscotch, and undertones of dark chocolate define this rich, powerful, and complex vodka.

It can be consumed straight up, on the rocks, or added to a variety of beverages and cocktails to improve the flavor.

Serve it straight over ice with cola and a lime garnish, or include it in any of your favorite vodka cocktails.

Absolut Vodka has entirely changed the premium vodka market and has come to be associated with nightlife, culture, and the arts. Absolut has established itself as a cultural icon in its own right by igniting a revolution in the art of mixing drinks and introducing a variety of flavors that had never before been available.

It was created at the renowned historic distillery close to Ahus in keeping with a more than 400-year-old Swedish tradition. Its originator, Lars Olsson Smith, introduced continuous distillation, the method he used to create Absolut, in 1879.

At Absolut, we have made the brewery one of the most energy-efficient and efficient in the world, in addition, to sourcing all of the ingredients locally.

Absolut now employs a CO2-neutral distillation. We produce no waste, and the leftovers from our production are fed to the livestock in the area. Additionally, 50% of each Absolut bottle is created from recycled glass.

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