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Yamazaki Distillers Reserve 70cl
Yamazaki Distillers Reserve 70cl
Yamazaki Distillers Reserve 70cl
Yamazaki Distillers Reserve 70cl
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Spirit Type: Single Malt

Country: Japan

ABV: 43%

Bottle size: 70cl


The Yamazaki single malt distiller’s reserve whisky is a very fruity, soft, spicy, and balsamic distillate in the classic Yamazaki style, the first Japanese distillery founded in 1923 by the legendary Shinjiro Torii. It is a warm, aromatic Japanese whisky with elegant and fresh hints of red fruit, incense, sandalwood, wine and malt, flowers. There is everything: the richness of Yamazaki whiskeys is legendary, and although this is true, the entry-level distillate is already an excellent product.

Purple nose, a thick and spicy juice of red fruit and blueberries in alcohol. Aromatic herbs, medicinal tones to give lysergic depth, and then that call of plum and cocoa, umeboshi and wood, cinnamon, an incredible touch. Sandalwood and a slight hint of incense and fennel. The influence of the Mizunara oak feels very distant, but there is a little something. On the whole, it is elegant, sharp, ethereal, and chocolaty the right, mottled: as a bouquet, it is truly splendid.

The palate has a gustatory depth. It is articulated around this multifaceted fruit, red with raspberries and peaches, with woody tones that are pretty tannic but never rough. There is no lack of layers of herbaceous and delicate floral taste and then closing of wood, vanilla, and cherries. Structure, cleanliness, elegance, perhaps it is not very long as a sip, but considering the price, it is a Japanese whisky made to perfection.

Yamazaki Distiller’s Reserve is a wonderfully engineered dram. While the nose quivers promise, the palate is more focused, offering some classic Yamazaki flavors. The different casks work together brilliantly, achieving a harmony that oozes both subtlety and sophistication. The result is a whisky that’s so very moreish.

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