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Wild Turkey American Honey 75cl
Wild Turkey American Honey 75cl
Wild Turkey American Honey 75cl
Wild Turkey American Honey 75cl

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Spirit Type: Whiskey



Bottle Size: 75cl


Recently, bourbon-based honey liqueurs have enjoyed a much higher profile, part of a general upsurge in flavored whiskey. However, wild Turkey didn't need to rush a new product on the market to take advantage of that trend because they already had a grandaddy product out there. It might have gotten a new name and stylish presentation in 2006, but the product in Wild Turkey American Honey bottles has been around since 1978.

This stuff is a blend of bourbon and honey, with a proof of 71 (35.5% abv). The departure from firm whiskey territory begins with the coloring, entirely out of the bourbon-esque amber zone. The liquid has the yellow color of full-bodied white wine in the glass.

The nose is lovely and potent, combining lemon zest and honey with a dash of butterscotch and cookie spice for good measure. The woody note, modest as it is, is more cedar than oak. Nosing this stuff is like pulling the lid off and nosing a big scented candle; it's that fragrant.

The flavor brings more of that citrus and honey cookie profile to the palate, with a rich buttery mouthfeel. It's not sophisticated, but it is supremely yummy.

Although this American honey isn't whiskey based on bourbon and doesn't taste anything like it, which is important to remember, it's outside the fold, even compared to most flavored whiskeys. Still, a good liqueur ought to cast loose from its roots. This stuff is rich and flavorful and in a way that works well on ice. The main reason I relied on it so heavily back in the day was it was perfect for winding down on those hot, tropical early evenings in Washington, DC.

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