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Veritas Rum 70cl
Veritas Rum 70cl
Veritas Rum 70cl
Veritas Rum 70cl
Veritas Rum 70cl
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Spirit Type: Rum

Country: Barbados

ABV: 47%

Bottle size: 70cl


The truth is Veritas. Another Latin lesson from Foursquare Rum Distillery's Richard Seale. Veritas is a pot still, and coffee still produced white blended rum. It is distinctive because it is a mixture of rums made in Jamaica at Hampden Estate's Double Retort Pot Still, Foursquare's Coffey Column still, and Pot Still.

Velier is in charge of distribution in Europe. The picture shows that this was influenced by Luca Gargano. Additionally, it takes some time for the Guardians of Rum shield to be shown on the bottle's front. This white rum is a provocative drink. White rum need not be unexceptional.

At 47% ABV, Veritas is bottled. Like Doorly's 3-Year-Old, which was just renovated. It's interesting to note that with their revamped white - Planas last year, Diplomatico was the company first to introduce a white rum with a 47% ABV. Rum is often bottled at ABVs of 40, 43, 46, and ultimately 50%.

Although this is described as a white or silver rum, you can see from the pictures that Veritas has a hazy, yellowish appearance. It's not filtered harshly. The following are the rum's exact ingredients: Unaged Pot Still Rum from the Owen Wayne Hussey Hampden OWH mark is a low ester (by Hampden standards) rum brand. Vivian Wisdom, the Master Distiller of Hampden Estate, suggested this to Richard Seale.

This rum pours out as a white liquid with a hint of yellow. White wine to straw in color. At first glance, the nose screams Jamaican Pot Still. It exhibits the aggressiveness typical of Jamaican Pot Still rum. Black banana and some pineapple with a boozy undertone; the pineapple is not overly sweet. There is some citrus present, most notably the zest of lime and lemon. Along with this, as we continue to drink and the rum begins to settle a bit in the glass, you start to detect some creamy overtones. Shortcrust pastry and vanilla custard, which is almost savory. A hint of saline and a faint salinity.

A white rum undoubtedly has a lot going on in that regard. It is undeniably stronger than other white rums at 47% ABV. Even though this might cost extra because it's a "premium mixer," I'll still test it neat. Veritas is a really satisfying beverage to consume. Although the Jamaican Pot Still component plays a significant role in this blend, the Foursquare component comes through more as you drink.

The milder notes of Bajan rum quickly meld with the initial heat and funkiness of the banana and pineapple. Especially at the conclusion, a faint whiff of coconut and custard creams give way to some wonderful sweet molasses/caramel flavors.

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