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Drambox Rums of the Caribbean (Glass not included)
Drambox Rums of the Caribbean (Glass not included)
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Rum, a spirit widely produced in sugar making countries such as the Americas, the Carribean, and South East Asian countries such as the Philippines and India.  Made from molasses, or sugar cane juice, they come in various grades, from light, to medium and dark.

They're enjoyed in a variety of ways, light rums are often used in mixed drinks, while the latter are often enjoyed neat. Our kit consists of some of the best the Carribean region has to offer, being the originators or rum, we carefully selected rums from different areas for you to see the differences that the land has on the distillate being used.

Tasting Range:

  • Veritas Rum (Barbados)
    ABV: 47% 
  • Hampden Estate Rum (Jamaica)
    ABV: 46% 
  • Brugal 1888 Ron Gran Reserva (Dominican Republic)
    ABV: 40% 
  • Clairin Casimir Barraderes (Haiti)
    ABV: 48.3% 

Bottle Size: 3cl each 

Note: Glass not included.

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