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Mount Gay XO Barbados Rum 70cl
Mount Gay XO Barbados Rum 70cl
Mount Gay XO Barbados Rum 70cl
Mount Gay XO Barbados Rum 70cl
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On Barbados, rum has been produced since the first part of the seventeenth century. Actually, there is evidence that small-scale distillation began in Barbados in 1637. It is not immediately clear from the statistics if this early distillation meets the criteria for rum. On the Island, however, the phrase "rum bullion" first appeared in literature in 1651. Anywhere in the world, the term "rum" has never before been used to describe a distilled spirit. Evidence from 1667 indicates stills were being used at the site that would become the Mount Gay Plantation. In the year 1703, rum production at this place is first mentioned in literature.

Because of this, Mount Gay is the oldest rum brand in the world and the first known commercial rum manufacturer. To underscore its unique position in history, Mount Gay currently adds the year 1703 to every bottle of rum they produce.

The Mount Gay Extra Old Rum (MGXO) is created using copper pot stills in a traditional manner. Two distillations of rum are utilized before it is matured in barrels made of American white oak that were originally used to age Kentucky bourbon. With rums ranging in age from 7 to 15 years old, this rum has been carefully aged.

The Mount Gay Extra Old pours a dark copper-bronze hue and begins to emit a strong aroma right away, with notes of caramel and black molasses rising from the glass. When I gently tilt my glass and delicately swirl the liquid to cover the sides, I am confronted with a thick, oily sheen that leaves thick legs on the side of the glass.
The fragrance intensifies as the glass decants, and I can now taste a sweeter brown sugar within the molasses as well as sumptuous baking spices. As I keep my nose open, I catch more scents of roasted marshmallows, oak spices, ripe fruit, and scattered tea leaves.

The breeze carries faint cigar-like scents, unsweetened chocolate, and touches of coppery scents. This is both complex and insightful. There are several enticing features on the MGXO. The flavors of rich molasses, luscious, soft bananas, baked apples and pears, canned peaches and apricots, and an abundance of dried fruit, such as raisins and currants, dance over the palate. Additionally, the rum has a dank element that can surprise these flavors (and I hate having to say that). This smokey substance gives off the impression of having aromas that are deeply burned and reminiscent of caramelized brown sugar, musty leather, and wet tobacco.

Even though such flavors, in particular, aren't inherently horrible, they, in this case, also have an unpleasant bitterness. I attempted to cover up the harshness in the drink by adding ice, but it only appeared to make things worse. However, when I added a little lemon juice to the mixture, I was successful. My taste found the juice's acidity to be the ideal combination to temper the bitterness and make the rum wonderfully drinkable. This influence continued whether or not there was ice.

The Mount Gay Extra Old packs a powerful taste punch in both the delivery and finish. During the exit, though, the rum's distinctively dank characteristics had completely taken over, making the conclusion bitter rather than enjoyable.
The sheer complexity of this makes me want to give it a higher grade, but the depressing ending keeps me from doing so.

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