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Mount Gay Eclipse Barbados Rum 70cl
Mount Gay Eclipse Barbados Rum 70cl
Mount Gay Eclipse Barbados Rum 70cl
Mount Gay Eclipse Barbados Rum 70cl
Mount Gay Eclipse Barbados Rum 70cl
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Recently, the rum's label was changed, making Barbados and Est 1703 much more noticeable than previously. The bottle has also undergone minimal modification. It's a somewhat unusual bottle with a profile that is much flatter than a typical bar bottle. It has the typical metal screw top cover found on the most readily available rums. Why are they red so frequently?

The rum is a typical golden rum with a similar look to Appleton Special, Cockspur 5 star, Bacardi Gold, and a variety of other entry-level rums with comparable prices. The presentation is passable but doesn't particularly stand out.

Mostly a mixer, Mount Gay Eclipse. While it proposes a straightforward serving of Extra Old over ice, it also offers cola with the Eclipse.

The rum smells extremely unbearably sweet to the nose. It tastes somewhat similar to this as well. This is not surprising because it is a pot-still rum. The Eclipse lacks the funk and edge that Jamaican rums have, in contrast to their heavy pot still counterparts. It's like walking inside Bundaberg's (dare I say it?) sticky, sickening, medicinal spirit-like aromas.

Thankfully, the rum does not show many of these horribly sweet flavors when drunk. It just has a lot of booze in it.

It isn't even all that tough. Yes, it burns, tingles, and heats you, but it doesn't knock you off your feet. Not actually intended for drinking.

The rum works reasonably well when combined, as advised, but it doesn't really add much. My wife drinks vodka, and when I suggested she try it, she thought there wasn't much to it besides booze. It is most definitely not due to the measurements because I mix very liberally as well.

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