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Martini Rosso Vermouth 1L
Martini Rosso Vermouth 1L
Martini Rosso Vermouth 1L
Martini Rosso Vermouth 1L

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The oldest vermouth is allegedly Martini & Rossi Rosso, which was first made available in 1863. It might be argued that the same 1786 formula is used to make Carpano Antica. I won't participate in that argument, though. Red wine used to make Martini Rosso has been given an amber hue by natural caramel. The wine is steeped with more than 50 herbs and spices as it ages in oak barrels.

When you first pull Rosso's nose out of the refrigerator, it is extremely faint. So it's important to give it some time to warm up before using it. Dried fruit, and raisin, in particular, rule the fragrance.

Additionally, there are hints of agarwood, a resin is often known as oud and noted for its aroma of oriental tobacco and vanilla. There is also a strong bay leaf scent.

The initial flavor of Martini Rosso is generally sweet, but as you taste it, the bitterness comes through. It has an oily mouthfeel that covers the palate before finishing with a dry, eucalyptus taste.

The beginning makes me think of Modena vinegar. It is flavorful, sweet, and thick. The tongue is embraced by flavors of honey, raisins, and caramel. As these disappear, a heart dominated by kola nut is revealed. It is sweet yet a little bit more bitter than the well-known soft drink. Meanwhile, flavors like nutmeg and anise give the experience depth.

When you reach the end, quinine, pepper, and wood come through strongly before it evaporates off the palate. The tannins found in wine may also become apparent.

Martini Rosso performs admirably considering the price while not being the most sophisticated vermouth on the market. Despite having a mild flavor, it gives a wide range of fragrances from several families.

It is also harmonic and well-balanced on the palate. Due to the tannins' ability to balance any acidity, it does not result in excessive salivation or dryness. It has a mild finish that lingers on the tongue just long enough to make you want to grab another glass.

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