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Makers Mark with Free Glass 70cl
Makers Mark with Free Glass 70cl
Makers Mark with Free Glass 70cl
Makers Mark with Free Glass 70cl

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Spirit Type: Whiskey

Country: USA, Kentucky

ABV: 45%

Bottle Size: 700ml


The iconic Maker’s Mark switched the way we perceive bourbon, the reason being Bill Samuels Sr, a person who thought to modify the way it is made. He literally wanted to enjoy his whiskey, so he opted for one-of-a-kind soft red winter wheat instead of the typical rye.

The best thing about this bourbon whiskey is its smoothness and flavorful taste. This highly loved distiller boasts of ensuring consistency, just like they maintained with the first bottle in 1953.

And for the same reason only, this only blended whiskey in Maker’s Mark family could earn 95 points at the Ultimate Spirit Challenge in 2018 and receive extraordinary and ultimate recommendation.

It also won a Gold medal at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition, making the whole family proud. And to highlight, all this feat wouldn’t have been achieved without the help of local family farms. It pertains to the Petersons for sourcing wheat and Mattingly's for the corn for over 60 years.

Normally, it takes around six to seven years for the whiskey to prepare and get ready for you to enjoy every sip of it. During its making, the 525-pound barrels, in which it is kept, are rotated with hands to let it get required e\xposures at different temperatures.

Once the tasting panel approves the bourbon, it is kept for further aging. It begins as cask-strength bourbon and is then filtered to 45% ABV or 90 proofing. Then it is bottled and dipped into the signature red wax by the team member.

You can enjoy this palate-pleasing bourbon whiskey in any way you prefer. You can pair it up with ginger ale or have it the same old-fashioned way; it will still taste like heaven! Try it out yourself.

It has a pleasant and breathtaking smell of sweet oak, vanilla, bright fruit, and wheat that prevails in the nose. It has a sweet taste with a perfect justice to oak, vanilla, and fruity essences. Maker’s Mark is very smooth and creamy. It comes with a pleasant soft spice and clean finish.

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