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Langley's First Chapter Gin 70cl
Langley's First Chapter Gin 70cl
Langley's First Chapter Gin 70cl
Langley's First Chapter Gin 70cl
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Spirit Type: Gin

Country: UK

ABV: 38%

Bottle size: 70cl


Langley's First Chapter is a magnificent mix of ten botanicals and is the aftereffect of an organization between a botanist and a refinery. In light of that, it's nothing unexpected that the English gin is appropriately sweet-smelling, with loads of citrus and juniper at the front. You can’t go wrong with a G&T with a lemon cut!

Langley's England is the optimistic home to classic and quality gins styled for the present-day settings. It is known for its greatness in specialty, quality, and custom. It has an inventive soul challenging conventions with a preference for challenging and authenticity and with discovery and exploration at its heart.

The elements make it unique, along with the required enthusiasm, devotion, and ability. Langley's England catches the obsessive spirit critical, not exclusively to prevail in a jam-packed industry yet to make reliability and life span.

The product is a classic traditional English gin. Available, sessional, and suitable for the regular gin drinker. Langley is handcrafted and made in minor batches utilizing 100% English Wheat Grain Spirit. 

The blend is distilled alone time in an English-made copper pot, joining traditional English Gin methods with the finest ingredients worldwide.

Langley's has the supreme quality botanicals for the First Chapter, including juniper, angelica root, coriander, cassia bark, and more. The favorable elements are unique yet have a light, floral citrus twist. Full of new flavors for a smooth and uplifting gin experience.

Langley's England uses traditional approaches but sources the most significant and balanced elements and botanicals worldwide. It confirms that each gin is refined and remains authentic to its recipe while improving modern sipping settings.


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