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Jura 12 Year Old Sherry Cask 70cl
Jura 12 Year Old Sherry Cask 70cl
Jura 12 Year Old Sherry Cask 70cl
Jura 12 Year Old Sherry Cask 70cl
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Spirit Type: Whisky

Country: Scotland

ABV: 40%

Bottle Size: 700ml


Jura Whisky has launched a new sherry finished 12-years-old single malt Asia high-class in Taiwan. Jura's 12-years-old sherry cask uses only unpeated spirit ended using the premium Spanish Sherry casks to bring a smooth, well-rounded, and opulent whisky for the Asian market.

The exciting new release has been twisted exclusively for the Taiwanese market and develops the modern addition to Jura's permanent Signature series.

The latest launch from the tiny island community distillery is vibrant and full of character, like the islanders who make it. It has been sensibly distilled using Jura's remarkably tall stills and matured in American White Oak ex-bourbon barrels before being finished in the finest hand-selected matured Oloroso sherry casks from Jerez, Spain.

This rich, fruity and vibrant 12-year-old single malt bonds the heart of Jura with the soul of Spain to produce a single malt rejoicing the classic Jura character. With added deepness from its sherry finish, the lively whisky impeccably captures the deep of Jura, welcomed and enriched by the flair of a Spanish Sherry finish., good life in each drop.

The initial impressions of a classic, balanced blend at primary give way to softer notes of raisins and sultanas. It also has orange marmalade, and not to forget warming ginger. It is amazingly autumnal.

Then again, it has a very amusingly balance and average texture. Moreover, it has blood oranges, malty, a touch of grapefruit-like sourness, and several of those notes start to show again through the smell and if talking about the awards won by Jura's 12-years-old sherry cask are as follow:  

  • Gold In Distillers' Single Malts 12 years and under - 2020 At International Spirits Challenge
  • Silver in Distillers' Single Malts 12 years and under - 2019 at International Spirits Challenge
  • Bronze in Single Malt 12-Year-Old - 2019 at Scottish Whisky Awards

The color of the product is deep copper. The fragrance is a lot fruitier than the other; it is excellent. The product's aroma is similar to toffee, apricots, figs, something akin to an over-ripe banana (which is nice!), somewhat waxy, and yes, dried fruits. It also has a distant note of green apples.


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