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Johnnie Walker Double Black 1L
Johnnie Walker Double Black 1L
Johnnie Walker Double Black 1L
Johnnie Walker Double Black 1L
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Spirit Type: Blended Whisky

Country: Scotland

ABV: 40%

Bottle size: 1L


People’s overwhelming acceptance and appreciation of the Johnnie Walker Black Label almost coerced Johnnie Walker to take it up a notch and deliver to people this gem we call Johnnie Walker Double Black.

Imagine your favorite Black label, only better and more flavorful. This Blend created in 2011 supplements the pre-existing Black Label with more Islay Whisky and ages it in a deeply charred cask to intensify that flavor and make it smokier than before. All the while, never deflecting from the Johnnie walker legacy and tradition.

From the aroma, It comes across as a little light-bodied but oily with a dry-oaky touch to it. You can smell the honey and a soft stony smoke when it comes near you. And when you taste it, you might feel a bit surprised as it is fuller-bodied than the aroma estimates for you. The beginning tastes are sweet, smokey, and floral with honey, which gradually turns drier and tastes like cracked stone, old bonfires, and tar.

Due to its extraordinary taste and aura, Johnnie Walker Double Black received various distinctions from pioneers in the Whisky Industry for proving its metal. It was awarded a Gold by the Scotch Whisky Masters in the Blended (No age) category in 2018. Another Gold was bestowed upon Walker by the Scotch Whisky Masters in the Premium Blended Categories in 2015. It also received a Silver Outstanding from the International Wine & Spirits Challenge in the Scotch Whisky category (Blended) in 2017.

Like all Whiskies, Double Black goes great on its own or the rocks. But something has to be said about the various kinds of delicious cocktails made from it. As much as we want to protect the integrity of Walker, we would definitely encourage you to go ahead and experiment a little.

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