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Hennessy VS (No Box) 70cl
Hennessy VS (No Box) 70cl
Hennessy VS (No Box) 70cl
Hennessy VS (No Box) 70cl

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Spirit Type: Cognac

Country: France

ABV: 40%

Bottle size: 70cl

The Hennessey VS is a cognac that is well-known around the globe. The VS in its name stands for Very Special and the name accurately describes the experience this bottle gives.’

With essences of oak, this bottle has a strong taste and finish that is perfect for those who like it strong.

Undeniably, a very special product from Hennessey.

Hennessy VS as suggested by the name, is a very special concoction which is arguably one of the best cognacs in the world. It has gained unparalleled popularity owing to its excellent quality and centuries old recipe.

It sets itself apart with its strong and fragrant character that combines with its immense versatility to give it the recognition it enjoys today worldwide. It is vibrant, it is dynamic, and most importantly, it is the blend of the gods.

Hennessy VS has strong aromatical notes causing its dominance in the liquor universe. The initial notes on the nose are toasty with roasted almonds and brown sugar with a lingering fruity aroma.It is impeccable in taste as well with a rich, creamy, and defined palate that enhances the flavors of vanilla and finishes on floral notes in the mouth. 

The masses have spoken in its favour and have attested to its luxurious finish by awarding it with a triple-threat of the most prestigious luxury design awards all in the same year of 2015, that too on their 250th anniversary. VS was awarded with The Popai Awards in June, The Pentawards in September, and the Formes De Luxe in October 2015 for its premium design and finish.

Hennessy is a hit no matter how you drink it, but it really has an impact when enjoyed in cocktails. There are many signature cocktails best suited to consume this fine drink, the most predominant of which are The Hennessy Ginger Cocktail for a little kick and the Hennessy Guava Cocktail for that phenomenal blend of sugar and spice.

Try it today and explore the world of fine taste and luxury in each sip.

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