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Grey Goose French Vodka 75cl
Grey Goose French Vodka 75cl
Grey Goose French Vodka 75cl
Grey Goose French Vodka 75cl

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Spirit Type: Vodka

Country: France

ABV: 40.0%

Bottle Size: 750ml


Attention party people! We have just the drink to make your parties hip and happening. This exquisite Ultra-premium french Vodka is clean, fresh, and made from wheat to give you the perfect buzz with amazing taste. Grey Goose is a legendary name in the industry and for all the right reasons!

On the nose, it's the perfect aromatic experience with a crisp and clean presence that is also sweet, clean, and somewhat grainy. Grey Goose has aromas of lemon, almonds, coconut, and hints of black pepper. Upon sipping, you get to grasp the soft sweetness of cream, with a gradually developing taste of bitterness complemented with rye. The finish has a residual warmth to it with some added creaminess and spice.

Today, Grey Goose is synonymous with Vodka all over the world. It broke the markets as soon as it was launched by bagging “The world’s best tasting vodka” title by Chicago Beverage Tasting Institute even before it turned a year old. It also won a Platinum Medal at the World Spirits Championship, San Francisco. Intangible Business also scored this Super-premium Vodka the highest in “The most powerful Vodka Brand”.

You can relish this french delicacy as is, or have it in one of the many wildly popular cocktails it is known for. An Ideal drink at the bar would be a Vodka-Cranberry to keep things simple yet fun at a night out. But if it's one of those days where you feel like going all out, go ahead and order the Classic Dry Vodka martini, a Moscow Mule, or yet another classic Bloody Mary to spice up your night.

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