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Glengoyne 18 Year Old Single Malt Whisky 70cl

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Spirit Type:Ā Single Malt

Country:Ā Scotland

ABV:Ā 40%

Bottle size:Ā 70cl


Glengoyne, 18-year-old, was founded in 2012 together with a new 15-year-old. Their summaries consigned the earlier 17-year-old to the records but further opened up the distillery's matured-statement range.

Ā There's now an extensive selection of essential range sherried whiskies running from 10 through to 30 years of age.

Ā Glengoyne, 18 years old, is aged in 1st fill and refill sherry casks like its predecessor. It's carried at 43% ABV and costs around Ā£75 in the United Kingdom.

Ā The product's fragrance is full of 0fresh, rich sherry here - nectarine, mandarin, Battenberg cake, and scattered dried berries (just the mild indications of marzipan). Nutty biscuitiness runs through - chocolate digestives and gingernuts (ought to be afternoon tea time).

Ā Resting shows a worthwhile effort here - spearmint, apricots, glacier cherries,, and a few chocolate nibs. A touch of water pronounces sugars - fudge, toffee,, and baked apples.

Ā The taste is partly oily and creamy - just somewhat underpowered for the individual preferences. Chocolate sauce, sweet caramel, and walnuts (all sherry-forward flavors) are pared back by a fizz of lemon sherbet and a sting of spiciness that steadily makes into the mid-palate.Ā 

Ā Then the taste also adds vanilla pods coffee beans (maybe Monsooned Malabar - air-dried next to the sea for the mildest touch of salinity). In the back palate, chocolate accepts a pick me up in the form of chili, and both wood polish & earthiness reveal themselves. Ultimately, there's less fieriness and less widespread impact - particularly on the entrance.

Ā The product's finish is quite drying, longish medium, oaky and severely spiced.

Glengoyne, 18-year-old, proposes sherry lovers somewhat of a restrained and soothing dip into the sweeter side of things. It is an excellent and lively dram rather than a sounding sherry bomb.




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