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Glenfiddich IPA Cask Experimental Series 1 Scotch Whisky 70cl

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Spirit Type: Scotch Whisky

Country: Scotland

ABV: 43%

Bottle Size: 70cl


Glenfiddich IPA single malt scotch might strike you as a gimmick, at first. Possibly it is a gimmick. Be that as it may, who doesn't adore a decent trick? It is a tasting pour of whisky.

Your very inner monologue mocked it from the get-go. However, for what reason would the smash-hit single malt scotch on the planet bounce on a trend like IPA barrel finish? Certainly, IPAs are stunning, yet will they sell single malt scotch?

It comes from somebody who loves IPAs (however not refined, designed). Pour yourself a high-proof IPA, and you will probably enjoy it. In any case, whisky finished in larger barrels has been done previously, blended the outcomes.

Glenfiddich IPA has that edge that keeps things intriguing. It's a marketing gimmick, bundled in excellent packaging (you will feel amazing, the new Glenfiddich bottles look fantastic), containing a fun, unique, and extraordinary whisky. Cheers to that!

 The drink's aroma is a little nutty, but it is fantastic. It tastes like it has a dash of some sunny oak, nutty malt, a little orange peel, and deep in the glass, a hint of walnut and banana.

The taste is mild, along with the slightly syrupy body. A tad hot for 43% ABV. Are there trips? Now you would feel "power of suggestion" -ing. Sure, that was a weird way to phrase that, and you will feel ok with it. 

It is well known among liquor lovers as it has achieved single malt no age statement - 2020 in International Spirits Challenge, Single Malt No Age Statement - 2019 in International Spirits Challenge, Brown Spirits Packaging - 2017 in International Wine & Spirit Competition, Distillers Single Malts - Speyside - No Age - 2018, and many more. 

 There is certainly a hint of herbaceous, hoppy flavor with a supplementary twinge of grassy bitterness. You will undoubtedly feel like you are sipping a dash of success! Then the finish is stunningly short. Minty, with a cooling (in its place of drying) consequence and gets fades away.