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Evan Williams Honey Reserve 375ml
Evan Williams Honey Reserve 375ml
Evan Williams Honey Reserve 375ml
Evan Williams Honey Reserve 375ml

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Spirit Type: Liqueur

Country: United States

Region: Kentucky

ABV: 35%

Bottle Size: 375ml


The Evan Williams Honey Reserve bottle comes in a highly recognizable box cover and a clear label carrying its name. It combines the smoothness of Straight Kentucky Bourbon with the sweetness of honey. This American styled bourbon is definitely a shot if you love a contemporary flair.

It can be consumed neat or by mixing it to make your favorite cocktail flavor to please your palate. The initial smell is bold citrus and notes of whisky and when you taste it, it feels like a sweet and robust blend of honey, vanilla and allspice.

The flavor strongly hints at the presence of bold orange on your palate. And when the mighty whisky tastes kicks in, a sweet and pleasant taste of honey stays on your tongue towards the finishing notes.

The brand rightfully sticks to its tagline, “All Flavor, No Sting”!

Easy-to-drink bourbon flavor will definitely make your party night a worthy memory with your friends. For you will wake up with numerous stories and chitchats to wake up with, wink!

It smells intense with bold and robust citrus, whiskey, and hints of honey. The taste is a perfect blend of sweet honey and allspice with vanilla and includes a hint of smoke notes at the end. It has a long and slightly spicy finish with strong evidence of bourbon.

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