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Dewars 12 Year Old Whisky 75cl
Dewars 12 Year Old Whisky 75cl
Dewars 12 Year Old Whisky 75cl
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Spirit Type: Blended Whisky

Country: Scotland

ABV: 40%

Bottle size: 75cl

The Dewar’s 12 year old, also known as “The Ancestor” was blended by John Dewar and Sons in Scotland. This blended whisky is a result of over 40 different types of malt and grain whiskies that were matched together by their master blender. Most of its malt content comes from Aberfeldy which is a distillery established by Dewar’s in 1896.

Considered as “double aged”, this whisky spends an extra six months more after being mixed together in their barrels to marry the blend perfectly.

The essence and taste that comes with its dark gold color is composed of honey, some fruits, vanilla, butter, a little bit of spiciness, and oak among many others.

If you haven’t tried drinking the Dewar’s 12 year old, here are 3 more reasons why you should pick up a bottle now:

1. It’s Very Affordable - Often overlooked because of its price, the Dewar’s 12 year old is a beautiful whisky that is loved by many experienced whisky drinkers. At such a very affordable price that fits almost any budget, you get to enjoy a balanced scotch whisky with an extra smooth finish.

2. It’s Highly Awarded -It has been recognized as one of the top outstanding blended whisky in its range in many competitions worldwide.

  • The Scotch Whisky Masters (The Spirits Business) Silver Award - Blends Under 12 years old 2014
  • International Wine & Spirit Competition Silver Award - Scotch Whisky Blended 2014

3. Loved Worldwide - Dewars is the #1 selling scotch in the US and #8 worldwide. It’s loved by Whisky enthusiasts everywhere and offers a nice balance, finish and alternative to your common blend.

If you’re looking for a blended whisky to sip neat, with ice or even mix, the Dewar’s 12 year old is a perfect option. It’s quality whisky at a great price, that can be enjoyed at any occasion.

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