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Cazadores Tequila Reposado 75cl
Cazadores Tequila Reposado 75cl
Cazadores Tequila Reposado 75cl
Cazadores Tequila Reposado 75cl

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Spirit Type: Tequila

Country: Mexico

ABV: 40%

Bottle Size: 750ml


The Cazadores Tequila Reposado is manufactured on a vast level for consumers all over the world. It would probably be the best for you to take control of your hopes since hundreds of thousands of gallons of spirit undergo the process of fermentation altogether.

The word “Cazadores” is derived from the Spanish, which literally means “Hunters.” As per the brand’s statement, it complements the image of the elk, which was made up by the founder Don Jos Maria. The elk was included on the label somewhere around the year 1922.

Cazadores is one of the most loved tequila brands in Mexico. It is a classic piece that is 100% agave-based, and it mingles admirably with fresh-fruit purees or pulp and with spicy flavors as well.

It is a gleaming light golden colored drink whose first few notes feel like herbaceous agave mixed with an antiseptic and medicinal temperament. These notes are followed by the tints of ripe banana, band-aids, and a citrus aroma like lemon.

Since it is set to rest in new American oak casks, it tastes slightly sweet with a woody feel of agave. In the mid-palate feel, it identifies as bright with a light-to-medium body, and the agave brings forward the orange and lemon tints. Towards the end of the palate, there are citrus notes persisting, followed up by a taste of artichoke flower buds and oak bites.

The finish is a little bold but short in length. The agave tends to stick for a longer time with a slight medicinal tone and but this is simple and doesn’t stay for long and disappears quickly.

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